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Good, simple food

The cooking and sharing of good, simple food are a lifelong passion of mine.  Through several career changes, bringing up a family, and within extensive travel, I have always looked for opportunities to explore new recipes, try different flavours and create simple, nutritious dishes. 

Now, I am taking that experience and knowledge to provide coaching, education, and support for people to make sustainable changes to their food habits.  It’s exciting too, to be working with dietitians, lactation consultants, childcare educators and other relevant health professionals.

Do you need to:

  • lose weight?
  • better manage a health issue?
  • provide healthier meals for yourself, your partner, or your family?

I have certification as a weight loss consultant and have completed a course in Nutrition for Disease Management.  This is so valuable as it allows to me work with you, and interpret your health professional’s advice into actual meals, recipes, and general support.

About Me

So, who am I?  Well, a long time ago, I learnt to appreciate life one day at a time, because who knows what it will bring? 

Apart from my total passion for everything food (I can see my husband, Fraser, rolling his eyes at this), my downtime is spent shared between my family, my garden, knitting and sewing.  Throw in there learning to play croquet and catching up with my friends – life is never boring.  Thank goodness because Fraser says I’m a pain when I’m bored (another eye roll happening there). 

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My garden is an essential part of my mental health care. image: https://katetcreative.com/

About the recipes:

The philosophy behind my recipes is simple – keep them affordable, easy to make and with a strong healthy element. 

Healthy Food

There’s a focus on making dishes that are gut-friendly – without needing a wide range of specialist (and expensive) ingredients. 

Fresh Ingredients

The key is fresh, seasonal products wherever possible, and items which are readily available.  The recipes use staple pantry items which won’t go out of date before you get a chance to use them again. 

Easy to cook

Importantly, many of the dishes are focused on helping even the most tentative cooks feel capable of making a meal.