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Creating lasting change to your health and wellbeing

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Supporting sustainable change to people’s health and well-being with a focus on nutrition for weight loss and disease management.

What do I do? Support you with sustainable change for better health.

‘We are what we eat.’

Our food habits are an essential influence on our overall physical and mental health.  Sometimes, we need to change those habits for health or lifestyle reasons.

And that can be daunting! 

How do I ‘un-daunt’ you? I help you translate your health professional’s advice into realistic and enjoyable meals.  Using my passion and skills for creating good, simple meals, we work together on a personalised approach to your food habits – one step at a time – this helps with not being overwhelmed by massive changes all at once.

It is so much easier to create sustainable new food and nutrition habits with support and mentoring from someone who really listens to you, and understands what your dietitian or doctor has advised for your improved health.  Together, we review your current meals, drinks and snacks, and work out personalised, achievable steps towards where you need to be.

About 3 months ago, I was diagnosed as pre-type 2 Diabetic. The dietary information provided was not easy to translate into actual meals and didn't give me an understanding of the significance of carbohydrates. Within one consultation, Lydia really made sense of what I needed to do, and put it in terms that gave me a clear focus.

I feel I am really starting to develop sustainable healthier eating habits around lower carbs, not just lower calories. In 5 weeks I've lost 3kg, my blood glucose levels have stabilised, and now that healthy eating and exercise is part of my routine, I'm sure the levels will be back to normal soon.

Chris Luck
Senior Structural Engineer
Launceston, Tasmania