NDIS Services & Support

It is exciting to be offering a range of services to NDIS and aged care participants. Food and nutrition is such an essential part of everybody’s lives. Therefore, it is essential that it is nourishing and appropriate for each person.

Meals should be accessible, economical and healthy in a perfect world. But, obviously, that is often not the case. However, each of us can contribute towards this goal. Which is why I love providing a range of support to enable this to be more possible for people. Support time is personalised for each and every person. Skill and knowledge levels are taken into account and disabilities are catered for. Relationships are built. There’s often lots of laughter and fun.

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So how do you see my support matching your requirements?

Think about these scenarios:

  • Have someone who wants to move out of home? And they’d love some help with learning to cook?
  • Do you know a carer who is struggling with understanding dietary advice? All they want to know is how to make it actual food on a plate!
  • Is there someone who needs texture modified food? And needs ongoing support to make it safe and nutritious?
  • Sometimes, a person may need help with modifying recipes because of allergies, intolerances.
  • And what about a participant who relies on too much processed takeaway? Do they need patient and careful mentoring to swap over to healthier, home made options?
  • What about person who is keen to be employed and requires basic skills to work in the food industry?
  • As an occupational therapist, are you looking for a practical way to improve coordination and thinking processes.

Some of the things I do for NDIS pariticpants:

Meal planning and preparation, along with shopping lists and budgeting.

NDIS family meal lesson
Replacing expensive take away meals with simple, economical dishes for the family.

Teaching basic through to advanced cooking skills. Often this is with a goal to be independent and make good food choices.

NDIS participant cooking lesson
A young NDIS participant learning to make a healthy wrap

How to make sustainable change for weight management. And not spend a fortune doing it!

High fibre, low carb, low fat and excellent balance of nutrition for this weight loss participant.

Personalised recipes

Participant who is a vegetarian and wants to replace expensive ready made food.

These are some of the examples of what I do! Really, anything to do with food and enabling people to access healthy, economical meals. Importantly, it’s not a rushed process. Change takes time and patience. Especially if the person you are working with is anxious or lacking confidence.