Plate of Care – one solution for many.

Plate of Care is a focused set of learning modules, designed for everyday people who care for others, in a domestic environment. They cover all the crucial skills and knowledge required by in-home support workers, to raise the quality of care around food and nutrition.

Let’s look at the problem Plate of Care will solve.

Aged care and food. What do you visualise when I say this?  Yes, I can imagine what sort of image came to mind! You would have seen so many articles in the media, with not many of them being positive.

That’s because my expertise is applied everyday to make a difference for aged and NDIS people striving to keep their independence at home.  And the lack of skills and training with food support is real. 

The demand for in-home carers is a massively growing market.  Did you know that there’s already a staffing shortage? So this is creating huge pressure to employ more people with little or no experience in this vital area.  And, without training, the quality of meals continues to decline.

Put simply, the problem is a lack of relevant training. There’s nothing out there.  Sadly, it’s wrongly assumed that everyone can cook. The consequence is not just poor meals.   Many of these people are suffering distress and are at risk of further illness. 

An exciting solution

Plate of Care is my solution to this problem. I’ve created short online training modules for domestic food care.  Presented on a user-friendly platform, their unique value is that they cover all those crucial issues for everyday people working in domestic kitchens. 

The self-paced modules combine short videos, fun animation, and simple quizzes making learning very accessible.  So crucial to my targeted market who all need this common set of skills – everyday people – employed, unemployed, migrant, or suddenly need to be a carer.  One solution for many people – Plate of Care learning modules.

plate of care video modules
Creating short videos
Plate of Care animations
Fun, animated sections


There are existing safe food handling courses but they’re for commercial kitchens, therefore not for private homes and shared accommodation.  Even the best online option for training for cooks and chefs in aged care is designed around commercial kitchens, so fairly daunting for someone learning the basics.

The Plate of Care team

Combining my passion for food and teaching experience, I coach carers on making healthy meals, run education workshops, and support my own client base. And, I’ve written 4 recipe books featuring healthy, simple recipes. To create Plate of Care, I’m working with a team of allied health professionals,  web designer, and videographer/animator. A heart space element will be voiceovers by a talented NDIS participant. 

Plate of Care team

The business model

The subscription price of each module will be $55pp with special packages for groups and corporate training.   With a staged launch, there are individuals and teams keen to purchase initial modules, giving ROI in 3 years. With only 1% of the market, the business is viable, which is really exciting.  We expect to reach 20%, making a difference in over 200k homes each year.

Excitingly, the initial 5 modules can be ready for market in 4 months.  In addition, there are another 15 written for ongoing release, with a further 15 in draft form. And, no doubt, there will be more in the pipeline as suggestions come in from all our stakeholders. Therefore, if you have a particular need so you can support someone, get in touch.

Our initial modules ready for production and launch.  Would you like to be involved in this project?

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One day, it could be you or a loved one needing Plate of Care.