Harvest Kitchen provides:

  • All ingredients for your menu choices, including spices, oils and fresh produce.
  • All cooking utensils, including saucepans, knives and baking pans.
  • All crockery and cutlery for a maximum of 16 people.
  • All hand towels and tea towels for general drying.
  • Aprons with personal hand towels for drying hands.

As it is a cooking class, your kitchen needs to have basic cooking equipment: an operational oven with 4 functional hot plates, a basic microwave, washing up facilities, one clear shelf in the fridge for ingredients, preparation space for at least two people, but preferably four.

No problems, as long as at least 2 people participate in cooking – it’s amazing how everyone actually wants to join in when they see how relaxed and fun the classes are.

The idea of the class is to be ‘hands on’ even if the preparation and cooking is shared around so everybody participates in at least one aspect of the meal.
‘Demonstration only’ classes are only appropriate for larger numbers where it is not as practical for everybody to be participating.
If you are not sure how your class can work, then please phone 0419116867 or email [email protected] so we can make sure your class is a success for everyone.

Cooking can be done in pairs and can a be ‘tag team’ approach. All the skills will be taught to each participant, with the actual preparation and cooking shared between the 6 people. One of the main purposes of these cooking classes is to show people how accessible wonderful food can be with minimal facilities.

An extra person can be added into your cooking class booking any time up to 7 days prior to your booking date. As Harvest Kitchen provide all ingredients, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery for your class, it is not possible to cater for an extra person on the night without prior arrangement.

Harvest Kitchen recognises that things change and there may be a need to reschedule your booking, or change the numbers of participants. Please phone 0419116867 or email [email protected] as soon as you know, to ensure a suitable rescheduling date is available for you and your friends. Please read the terms and conditions regarding booking guidelines.

Yes – an appetite and a sense of fun.
Also, make sure you wear appropriate clothing, and have long hair tied back for the preparation and cooking time as it is a cooking class and not just a catered function.
Perhaps a bottle of wine, using the wine suggestions provided on the menu.

It is expected you will relax and have fun working together with everyone, and help with some of the washing up and clearing of preparation utensils between courses so that the class can run smoothly and within the time frame allowed.

As the meals are carefully planned, there is sometimes only a small amount left over and it will be packaged, labelled and left to be used at the discretion of the host/ess. Harvest Kitchen takes no responsibility for food not stored or reheated using the instructions on the containers. All leftover food must be consumed within 24 hours of the class booking.

The menus are changed and adjusted each season. Some popular and ‘all year round’ recipes will be carried through the year, with only the seasonal produce ingredient changing.

Harvest Kitchen always welcomes requests about custom-designed menus. There is a small premium per head for individually designed classes. Please be aware that some requested menu items may not be possible due to sourcing of appropriate ingredients, or due to the preparation method (i.e. raw fish and meats).

If you have any concerns about an ingredient, please phone or email to discuss how we can cater for your requests. Please be aware that recipes are designed with flavour balance and ingredients which complement each other, so some requests may not be possible

Yes, we certainly do provide you with the recipes for the dishes you have cooked during your class. As you participate in the class, suggestions will be made for ingredients you can substitute, so please take notes if it is something that you could do later in your own kitchen.

Yes, of course, but there is an extra charge of $10 per head

Due to insurance guidelines, minimum age is 16.

The purpose of Harvest Kitchen is to teach skills of food preparation and cooking, so currently, catering is not provided without a cooking class component.

If you, or one of your guests have special dietary requirements, you must phone 0419116867 or email [email protected] to discuss how our menu can either be adjusted, or a new menu designed to cater for these requirements.

Harvest Kitchen accepts no responsibility for participants who notify of a dietary requirement on the day of your booking as all the ingredients will have been purchased and resources allocated for your booking.

It is anticipated that classes will run for 3 hours, including time to sit and enjoy your entrée and main course, or your main course and your dessert.

At the end of a class, whilst you and your guests are enjoying your meal, I will be clearing, cleaning and packing all utensils, items used during preparation and the previous course crockery and cutlery. Obviously, a little help would be greatly appreciated, but it is important you enjoy the fruits of your work as well.

The unexpected can happen, and Harvest Kitchen will endeavour to make the class keep ticking along where possible.

Harvest Kitchen operates mainly in the Greater Launceston Area. However, if you live outside this area, please call or email to discuss how we can organise a class for you in your home. There will be a minimal travel cost charged which is calculated on the distance required to travel for your class.

There are options of lunch classes, weekend afternoon classes as well to suit everyone’s needs.