Fibre – the 30 gram rule for weight loss

high fibre pizza
High fibre pizza that you won’t be able to resist making over and over again!

Fibre and its importance for your gut health

Have you ever thought about how much fibre you are eating each day? And why it’s such an important element to include in all your meals? I’ll be honest – up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t really take much notice. Yep, I knew you needed it to keep ‘regular’, but that was about it. Now that I’m aware of how much to include in my daily food, it’s made a huge difference. That difference (and how it can be for you too) is part of the discussion in our workshop.

Dietitians recommend 30 grams a day. But what does that look like? Do you know how many different types of fibre there are? You know, beyond the obvious vegetables and cereal? And do you know why they are so good for your gut? Because if you are trying to lose weight, then knowing this stuff is essential.

The workshop.

This workshop on the 30 gram rule shows you just what it looks like. How easy it is to incorporate it into your meals. How and why it improves your gut health. We work through how you can make it sustainable and economical. No fancy stuff. No weighing your food.

Curious? Good. Get some friends together or organise it through your workplace. Yes, it can be done online (because you might live in a rural and remote region). And because Covid has changed the nature of how we work – yep, us too.