Gluten Free or low Gluten

My approach to supporting you is straightforward. We look at reducing or eliminating gluten from your food choices. How to replace those takeaways with gut friendly foods.  We look at how to minimise the need for expensive alternatives. Because you know that as soon as someone says gluten free, it could be pricey!

And that all important practical support to create meals that are nutritious, and everyone can enjoy with you.  Also we look at how to read food labels (looking past the obvious ones in the expensive aisle).  Importantly, we work toward being confident to order from a restaurant menu without worry.

From a single consultation which gives you the basics (that sounds great). Or cooking sessions with family or friends! You know, having a gluten free regime can be made easier and more accessible without all the fuss. And of course, there’s dispelling the myth about gluten free food being boring!