Texture modified food – making it simple.

When someone says texture modified food, do you think baby food? Actually there are so many real and challenging situations where modified food is needed. Are you or a family member post-surgery and need food to be changed in texture for a few weeks?  The first few days, probably everything just goes into the blender. But it gets a bit tedious after that. And often the recipient of texture modified food gets a bit fed up. Just how many pureed vegetables can your bear? And some things, however nutritious in theory, just look disgusting! Cat food I hear you say? Yep, I’m hearing you.

Are you caring for someone who has an ongoing swallowing difficulty? When the speech pathologist says your loved one needs a Level 5 texture modified food, do you go into a bit of a spin? It’s like a whole new language! What on earth are these levels? How do you find out and then be able to apply it in the kitchen? It can be really daunting, especially if you’re not used to cooking at all! After all you just want to give them the food that they are familiar with. And, the bonus could be that it looks great too!

texture modified foods
lemon curd mousse – level 4

What support do you get?

I can give you practical support and guidance with meals, levels of textures and presentation (nothing worse than slop on a plate!).  We can work together to ensure the correct texture is achieved, without sacrificing flavour, nutrition or enjoyment. Let’s chat about all your favourite foods, and how to keep them on the menu! Maybe some things will need to change, but that’s ok, especially if you have support.

A dietitian and a food consultant

texture modified foods

I work with a highly qualified dietitian, who has specific experience in supporting people in a range of care situations. Sue’s got the most amazing knowledge on nutrition and all things good for you. Add to that she’s passionate about gut health and the link to overall health. So, we look at meal ideas, and work out how to modify their texture for safe swallowing, but keep them meeting your nutrition needs.