Menopause – not to be taken lightly!

That dreaded word!  Every woman’s menopause journey is slightly different – each of you will have similar symptoms, but to different degrees.  Despite all the advertising you see, there is no magic happy solution that whisks it away, sadly.

So how does food and nutrition come into this?  Speaking from experience (yep, I’m totally in that age and stage), your food and drink choices can make a difference.  No, it’s not going to be a wave of a magic wand, sorry about that.  But, we can work together to improve your mental and physical health, because feeling better at this time in our lives is crucial.

Menopause and food habits

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Find out how this extremely tempting pizza can be on your meal plan

Find out what some of the keys to feeling better – have a personal consultation or get a couple of friends together for a fun and informative hour or so. Learn about different food choices. Discuss some of the triggers for making symptoms worse. And learn some key tips to try for yourself.