Weight Loss – your personal program.

In reality, there is no quick fix for weight loss.  And I’ll be honest – it can be a lot of hard work, especially initially.  Often we can get tempted into these wonderful promises that some products make. But, they have a strong track record of not being sustainable and are expensive. Which means (and you may have discovered already) that you often go back to your initial weight. Or perhaps even a bit more. It’s so discouraging and not good for your mental health. So you’re not going to hear the word ‘diet’ with me and we will talk about habits.

So what do we do to get you on your weight loss journey?

My passion is to ensure that the changes that we work on together for you will be sustainable, manageable and affordable.  That’s not a ‘diet’. It’s a lifestyle change. Or any fad type stuff. Also not cutting out any food groups. Therefore, it’s also not about having to give up everything you like. Perhaps some moderation though!!

The aim is to take it step by step, so that each element becomes a new habit. And, importantly, part of your everyday lifestyle.  It’s about assisting you to make healthier choices and feel good about it.  I help you develop the confidence to plan, prepare and cook meals that are healthy, affordable and uncomplicated.  You’ll learn how to plan ahead, survive the ‘off’ days and meet your goals.

Weight loss and some clues to what we talk about.

The role of fibre in your daily food intake. This is where the wonderful Dr Sue Read is passionate, so her influence is part of this program. She and work together nearly every week to look at menu plans, recipes and new ideas for healthy eating.

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