Pre Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes and your food habits

With so much information out there about managing Diabetes through lifestyle changes, it can be quite daunting on how it looks just for you.  Your dietitian or doctor will give you information on the change required with your food habits, etc.  What then?  You may have a vague idea of how to modify your meals. Or you might have a friend who can give you some tips. But, ideally, it would be great to have someone to sit down with you and personalise the changes to suit you. Also, how to make it sustainable. So that you can feel that you can manage it without too much disruption and angst.

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Had so much fun and learned so much about cooking healthily at our workshop. As a recently diagnosed type-2 diabetic, it was so helpful and encouraging. I can still eat well!’

Greg Oates, Launceston

My support is practical and realistic. I translate the advice you’ve been given into actual meals for you. Then you can confidently make a plan, shop for suitable ingredients, and cook nourishing dishes that meet your new requirements.  It is a personalized service that focuses on you, your likes and dislikes, with healthy goals in mind. And, or course, I can answer any questions you have about how to cook certain foods. We can work together to develop different cooking skills. It’s great having someone there who you can ask what something means in a recipe.

What does this look like for you?

diabetes, type 2 diabetes, low carb, high fibre, pizza, workshops, program, healthy, prevention, classes
Working to understand low carb, high fibre and how to incorporate it in your meals. image:

The last thing I want is you to worry about your kitchen, either. I’m so used to working in teeny tiny kitchens through to ones where you could swing several cats. It’s your space, and I’m there to support you making changes that are personalised for your kitchen and equipment. Surprisingly, you don’t need as much as you think. Put away the images of Master Chef, and lets make it real.