Healthier habits or a new food focus?

Just want to generally make some healthier choices? And therefore, healthier habits, for yourself?  You and your partner?  Your whole family?  Perhaps someone has decided to change to a vegetarian or vegan focus. So you just need some ideas of what to make them?  What if you have someone special in your life who is lactose intolerant, got a nut allergy, or can’t eat eggs anymore?  It can be daunting. And it can be pretty stressful if you don’t like cooking at the best of times. Plus, there’s always that thought that it will cost more money. And honestly, who wants that when money is precious.

In one or two hours, I can ‘un-daunt’ you.  You can relax knowing that someone is there to answer any questions. However simple or complex. It’s your time to explore recipes, meal ideas and ingredients. You know, you can always invite friends or family around as well! Why not? They might ask other questions that you hadn’t thought of! And it usually means good laughs and a great catch up!

healthier eating teaching fibre pizza coaching consulting workshop program
Learning about healthier ingredients for low carb pizza

So what does your time look like?

Whether you are having a consultation face to face or online, you have my undivided attention for whatever you need. Drag out your favourite recipes, or your go to flavours that you love. And then we can look at how to modify them to meet your new needs

What if you just want a healthier approach to your family meals? Yep, that is definitely something I am passionate about. And can definitely help you achieve what you want. Doesn’t that sound great! No need to Google stuff – it’s all personalised for you.

It’s amazing what we can get through in a short time, so let’s work together on what you need. There are evening and weekend appointment times, but they book up quickly. And remember, you can do this just one on one, or get a couple of others involved.